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A cute little promotional idea from Xerox

Tempadventure finally makes it onto the cover of Wired

There are some girls whose dream would be to walk past a newsstand one day and find themselves on the front cover of Vogue or Elle or some other beauty bible. I myself, dont’ dream of such happenings (which is lucky because the chances of it occurring are about as high as the dams in Melbourne these days….) But…if I did come across the Tim Tam geenie and had the opportunity to have such a wish, I have to admit that the front cover of Wired magazine would just about do it for me. Sound familiar?

It just so happens that I came across this cute little promotion for Xerox; they’ve created a mini design site where you can create your own Wired front cover and download it, print or send it around…Great promotional idea for geeks I thought (myself included). So of course I made myself a cover..

Check it out :: Xerox Promotion

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A Fabulous story on how this girl faced her fears on the dark.

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