How to use this site

One of the challenges we SMEs face is how to keep ahead of the curve. Often we got here because the business we run is interesting enough or different, and hopefully profitable. But to keep growing, to be agile and flexible enough to scale the business, thats another challenge altogether.

I like to to think of this site as food for my biggest muscle. It’s jam packed with wholesome goodness – global businesses, experts, research & blogs that caught my eye, alongside a bunch of nerd stuff to geek out on. It’s inspiration for SME business, learning and marketing in the modern era.

It makes sense that to be truly disruptive, we have to force ourselves to look at the world differently. New perspectives and new interpretations are the enemy of beige . . and let’s face it, a good idea is a good idea irrespective of where it’s from or what the experts say it’s used for.

There are three big areas that are in a massive state of disruption right now – people management, learning and marketing. And as SMEs as we have to make sure that we’re agile enough to make the most of these market shifts, to ride the wave of opportunity and to punch above our weight wherever we can. So if you’re an SME like me and just get stuck in a rut every now and again, hopefully some of the info I post here will shift your thinking sideways a little… or maybe a lot. But enough of that; lace up your trainers, fire up your iPhone and come get what you came here for.

A little brainfood to put some buzz in your uptop muscle. Enjoy.