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A little brainfood to put some buzz in your uptop muscle.

One of the challenges we face in a smaller business is how to keep ahead of the curve. Often we got here because the business we run is interesting enough or different, and hopefully profitable. But to keep growing, to be agile and flexible enough to scale the business, that’s another challenge altogether. If in the end, that’s what we decide we want to do.

I like to to think of this site as food for our biggest muscle. It’s jam packed with wholesome goodness – global businesses, experts, research & blogs that caught my eye, alongside a bunch of nerd stuff to geek out on. It’s lateral inspiration for curious humans.

It makes sense that to be truly disruptive, we have to force ourselves to look at the world differently. New perspectives and new interpretations are the enemy of beige . . and let’s face it, a good idea is a good idea irrespective of where it’s from or what the experts say it’s used for.

There are three big areas that are in a massive state of change right now – people management, learning and marketing. And as SMEs as we have to make sure that we’re agile enough to make the most of these market shifts, to ride the wave of opportunity and to punch above our weight wherever we can. So if you’re an SME like me and just get stuck in a rut every now and again, hopefully some of the info I post here will shift your thinking sideways a little… or maybe a lot. But enough of that; lace up your trainers, fire up your iPhone and come get what you came here for.

A little brainfood to put some buzz in your uptop muscle. Enjoy.


  1. Jen – I am a teacher, mother, and am working on my Phd….I am interested in what inspires children and how we can support them. Our public schools have become test factories powered by child labor. They are being taught to take a test…..where there is only one correct answer for each question. INSAIN

    I am grappling with how to qualitatively study children – ages 5 – 10 when they are inspired. Any ideas. I have not found similar studies. Please share if you know of any. Thank you – I find your site inspiring!

    1. Hi Nancy,
      Thanks for visiting! I am a mother of two small people so I am also keenly interested in what inspires children. What a great topic for a Phd! I understand your concern about the “test factory” and I have also started to explore avenues outside of the traditional structures of education to find ways to engage and inspire them. When it comes to “education” [whatever that means these days] surely some of the most important things we can do are >
      a) help our children find things they’re passionate about so that they might to engage optimistically and passionately with the world
      b) encourage in them a sense of curiousness to help them understand that life is about exploring – opportunities, relationships and experiences
      c) instil in them a value of delayed gratification so that they will live beyond the moment as well as in the moment
      d) appreciate and feel grateful for what they have, so that they will learn to be positive, content and in control of their own happiness

      I’m not sure how we do that except by perhaps modelling those behaviours ourselves? I do know that creativity and innovation are two things majorly lacking in most school systems, yet they are two of the most important traits a person can develop. Two things which you might find interesting to explore are>
      1) Montessori school , an alternative method of education which focuses not only on the “content” but also on encouraging the thinking, imagination and curiosity which makes that content meaningful. I know Montessori East here in Sydney is a great example of that and the principal there Bill Conway would be a great guy to talk to. []
      2) My father-in-law runs a program called Hands On Learning which is focused around engaging with students who are at risk of disconnecting from school and the school community. He undertook a study trip a few years ago looking at different school systems around the world to understand how other countries are engaging with students. It might prove fruitful for your study. His name is Russell Kerr and you can check him out at
      I’m sure both Bill and Russell would be happy to talk to you and both would be keenly interested in your Phd as I am. Please do share with me anything you’re excited about as you go along, I’ve been meaning to post more about education as I look into alternative ways of inspiring my own children so I’d love to get your point of view. I’ll also keep a look out for anything you might find interesting and post it here.

Always love to hear what you think . . .

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