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After a career in advertising planning working on various yellow phone directories, gaming consoles, tampons and telcos in the mainstream and digital planning space, I started working freelance as a creative strategist for innovation companies like Pophouse and Whatif doing brand planning, social trend / futures research & new product development which sounded really cool, or so I thought at the time.

I worked as an innovation researcher / writer, you know back when innovation was the buzzword of the industry and meant anything from true disruptive product development or distribution strategy to just another agency attempt to differentiate themselves from the pack. I worked at the geek end of it, looking at data and stats and writing future scenario platforms to help product development teams springboard into new ideas. I travelled incessantly and blogged religiously. I think at one point I had like 6 blogs going at once to see which business ideas would develop into something interesting. Needless to say, Innovation feeder was my dumping ground for things that really interested me – less about getting followers and more about getting smart.

Anyway to cut a long story short I left all that behind and joined my partners (two of them are my business partners but only one of them is a life partner, just to be clear) in growing our current business. So that’s where I’ve been hanging out for the past 8 or so years working on everything it takes to run a small business – from recruitment, to franchising,  training good people and then wondering how the hell we were going to keep them. Marketing, running sales meetings, setting KPIs and generally plugging my finger into whatever business hole happened to be leaking that week. Such is the life of the SME. And I brought three small men into the world. What can I say? I’m a good multi-tasker.

Anyhow, it took us about 4 years to dig ourselves out of the financial crisis and grow the business to a point where we could stop doing everything ourselves which as any SME will attest to, is a quiet and quite solo but majorly huge moment in time.

And although I’ve kept my finger in the pie a little (I think the pie more than the pulse to be honest), I realised this year that I needed to throw myself back into our digital marketing and technology strategy  and really sort out how the hell we were going to take our business to the next level. And so here I am back in 2016.

I also ran a street art gallery in Second Life until it became apparent that 10c per virtual canvas was never going to make enough to sustain even a virtual existence, I subsequently left to return to the First Life.

I write Innovation Feeder and  a few other equally un-read blogs. I work most seriously at my real job and spend the rest of my time immersed in future trends research & buying really important and popular management books that i never have time to read. Cue Book Video club.

Like everybody whose ever worked in marketing and had children, I tried my hand at a number of children’s books  before I realised that having children did not, shock horror, necessarily make me an author. Imagine that.

I’m into new technologies, virtual worlds and used to spend a significant amount of time at Parramatta library cross tabulating census data.  I love photography & street art, online gaming, anything from the Helvetica font family and writing in the first person. I dislike unfiltered social contact, work meetings and people who insist on calculating their portion of a shared bill.

You’ll find me here

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