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green roofs are so last year, look out for the honey bees…..
February 5, 2012, 10:23 pm
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For those of you are are totally into the foodie game, check out Melbourne City Rooftop Honey which has sprung up all over Melbourne town. You’ve heard of green roofs, well this is just as important and definitely more delicious. Vanessa Kwiatkowski and Mat Lumalasi launched Melbourne City Rooftop Honey after learning that beekeepers in cities such as London, New York and Paris were reintroducing bees to urban areas. Since then, they’ve installed hives on the rooftops of more than 15 CBD and inner-city businesses, mainly cafes and restaurants, and half a dozen suburban gardens. More than 100 people have joined their waiting list.

Nikolsky’s grandfather was a commercial beekeeper and he has strong memories of people coming to his grandparents’ door to buy honey. When Nikolsky read a small newspaper article about Melbourne City Rooftop Honey last year, he offered to host a hive.

For a $250 annual fee, Kwiatkowski and Lumalasi visit fortnightly to check on the hives. In return, the Alphington couple gets a share of the honey and, thanks to the busy bees, a measurable improvement in garden productivity.

“It’s good for us because we like to grow our own vegies and try to be as sustainable as we can,” says Nikolsky. “We’re not talking food miles here. We’re talking food metres.”

You can read more here at Milk Bar or here at Melbourne Rooftop Honey.

taking food trends to the extreme

And while we’re on the subject of Portland, which by the way if you’ve never traversed that far is an absolutely wonderful city.. It’s progressive, it’s considered, it’s design focused, you can eat well easily, people value organic and it generally feels like an all round healthy approach to life and life style. On that note,if you’re into the whole farm-to-table thing you absolutely need to check out this episode of Portlandia. Portlandia is a series created by local musician Fred Armisen and his partner-in-crime Carrie Brownstein. It’s a hilarious series covering the various aspects of what makes Portland weird. . . [“Keep Portland weird” by the way is a self titled motto bestowed upon Portland by the locals who live there]. We all love a bit of organic produce, we all care about the provenance of our food but this is perhaps taking it a little far . . . It’s genius. Enjoy.

You can check out more about Portlandia here. Better still, check out the real thing.

Persil detergent plays the green angle
May 20, 2009, 4:27 am
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persil_protect_1persil_protect_2persil_protect_3Saw these  ads for Persil detergent on Brandon’s blog and had to share. Cute aren’t they?


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